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The Clockedin Time and Attendance System – Designed For You

Has your company been using time sheets or clock cards to record working hours? Perhaps your company uses an automated time and attendance solution already, but you’re just not happy with the results. Your employees’ timekeeping records are rarely filled out correctly, and ensuring they are paid accordingly for working hours is always left up to you. With that in mind, you’re looking for a change.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve just taken the first step towards achieving a more manageable and coherent workload. Clockedin offers a comprehensive Time and Attendance system tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Make your payroll a breeze, and bring your business forward into the future. With our easy to use clock-in application, your employees won’t need to be technologically savvy to keep accurate, up to date records.

After all – your business is moving forward, day by day. Why drag paper-based systems behind you? Whether you have a small or large enterprise, Clockedin can help you – either by use of our mobile workforce application, or by bespoke software that we can create and package just for you. If you want to hear more, call us on 0845 4 903 901 and speak to our friendly team.

With a Cloud-based Administration Panel accessible from anywhere, Clockedin is easy to set up and easy to customise. It’s designed for your business – regardless of what you do.Find out more
MyClockedin is compatible with your employees’ iPhones. Comprehensively updated for compatibility with iOS 8, you can count on the app to track time reliably.Download from Apple Store
MyClockedin is available for all Android phones, regardless of which OS they happen to be running – compatible up to Android Lollipop 5.1.Download from Google Play
Clockedin’s payroll reports are accurate, comprehensive, and easily exported to Excel – saving you significant time and money. Find out just how much with our Savings Calculator.Find out more
“Before we started using the Clockedin Time and Attendance system, our tradesmen and labourers’ timesheets were paper based – just getting hold of them was a nightmare, let alone reading them. Now we use Clockedin, all of my records are available online, and payroll takes less than half the time it used to. I’d happily recommend Clockedin to anyone.”

The new Site Manager app from Clockedin

Designed for shift managers and administrators with better things to do than generate paper report after paper report, the Clockedin Shift Management System for Android has been created as a time and attendance system for large batches of workers. Do your employees work in shifts or in groups overseen by a site management team? If so, this may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Building on the Clockedin Time and Attendance System and providing shift management specific features, Clockedin’s Shift Management System combines accurate time reporting with flexible shift reporting and a live employee register. Remove the need for paper shift reports, and get a more accurate view of who’s on site, exactly when you need to know, with the Clockedin Shift Management System.

If you want to hear more, call us on 0845 4 903 901 and speak to our friendly team.

Increased Productivity

Protect the time of your employees by moving your business forward into the information age.

Maximise Performance

Know exactly when and where your mobile workforce clocked in – with a monitoring system which won’t interfere with your employees’ daily activities and will not compromise their privacy, Clockedin provides the opportunity for a business owner to take control of their business.

Increased Efficiency

Your own time is precious. Stop spending so much time reading chicken scratch on paper timesheets.

Maximise Profits

Paper timesheets are messy, inconvenient and often far from informative. By switching to a digital solution, you’ll find yourself saving your own time – freeing your schedule so you can spend less time on your outgoings and more time completing essential tasks that will secure your own financial future.

Increased Protection

You never know when you might need your timesheets. With digital storage, they're always protected.

Maximise Data

Clockedin’s Administration Panel stores your employees’ time records for as long as you might need them, providing you with an easily searchable database. Paper timesheets are messy and easily misplaced – by storing your timesheets in the Cloud, you’ll always be able to get them back.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Moving on from what you know can be a frightening business – we’re well aware of that. Given that moving to a digital solution can be a huge change in an employer’s life, we provide a completely free multi-channel Customer Support service which can be accessed at any time on Monday-Friday, 8am – 5pm (times are in GMT). If you contact us and we’re out of the office? Send one of our friendly team an email, and we’ll guarantee we’ll have contacted you by the next business day.

We don’t just provide customer support – we also provide continued ongoing development. We’re committed to acting upon our customers’ suggestions to constantly improve and develop the Clockedin Time and Attendance System. That means if something would work better for you, all you have to do is put it forward to us and we’ll assess it for you. We believe strongly in working with our customers to provide a sustainable, easy to use solution for all – our main objective, of course, making the working life of both employers and employees easier.

Want to know more about Clockedin Limited? Find out more about the company, our system, and our values.About Us
Find out more about just what we can do for you – everything from troubleshooting FAQs to methods of contact.Customer Support
Keep up with our company updates, information regarding changes and upgrades to the software, and productivity news.Our Blog
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